About Us

Meet The Blind Pig! Named after Prohibition-era speakeasy establishments, The Blind Pig serves as a café and bar.

The Blind Pig is a dynamic partnership between the outstanding quality of Uncle Sal’s & The Side Door owners, Bob and Sally Ann Molinari and Valley Butcher Shop legend Hobe Meats owner, Bret Pont.

The Molinari family has long since established themselves in Scottsdale as both talented restaurateurs and business owners who put customer satisfaction at the top of their list. For years, the family has been serving happy customers. The Blind Pig is the next concept for the RAMSAM LLC Restaurant Group.

The Blind Pig mirrors the Hobe Meats butcher shop in Phoenix, which has been a landmark for over half a century. Bret Pont, who owns Hobe Meats Phoenix, has been providing Uncle Sal’s with excellent cuts of meat from around the world for years now. Partnering with the Molinari’s has allowed him to bring the Hobe Meats experience to Scottsdale. Pont’s team of butchers come from a culinary background, so they are well qualified to not only prepare the meats for customers, but can also advise them on the best way to prepare everything at home.

The Blind Pig will continue the outstanding customer service and quality of the flagship restaurants Uncle Sal’s & The Side Door as well as bring back the lost art of an old fashioned butcher shop that offers a level of service and quality that of in addition to a lunch and dinner menu you just can’t get at a supermarket butcher counter.

Every aspect of the Blind Pig is really about the personal service.

The Blind Pig offers traditional types of meats, and also offers unusual offerings like alligator, buffalo and other game for customers to try. And with about eight tables inside and 10 to 12 tables outside, there is plenty of room for anyone looking for a good meal without having to do any of their own preparation. The lunch and dinner menu includes a variety of upscale Mexican-style dishes.

With Pont’s expertise in quality and the Molinari knack for customer service, The Blind Pig is a great addition to the South Scottsdale area.

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