About Us

Welcome to The Blind Pig. Inspired by Prohibition-era speakeasy establishments and your friendly local butcher shop, The Blind Pig serves up some of the best upscale, creative Mexican food in the Valley. With a full bar and outstanding outdoor seating, The Blind Pig is the perfect spot to dine with friends, or have a drink on the fountain patio beneath a collection of towering date palms.

Voted as one of Phoenix Magazine’s Best New Restaurants in 2013, The Blind Pig partners with the Valley’s legendary Hobe Meats to ensure the best quality meats are included in all of its menu items. Hobe Meats has been providing the RAMSAM family restaurants (Uncle Sal’s Italian Restaurant, The Side Door and The Blind Pig) excellent cuts of meat from around the world for years.

The Molinari family has established themselves in Scottsdale as both talented restaurateurs and business owners who put customer satisfaction at the top of their list. For years, the family has been serving happy customers at Uncle Sal’s Italian Restaurant, which is just steps from The Blind Pig. The family’s second restaurant concept, The Side Door, offers sandwiches, pizzas, beer and wine in a relaxed, family setting. The Blind Pig is the newest concept for the RAMSAM LLC Restaurant Group.