Butcher Shop

The Scottsdale and east valley area has been missing its own local custom butcher shoppe for a very long time.

The Blind Pig Butcher Shoppe is infused with the experience and tradition of Hobe Meats, an iconic 56-year-old butcher Phoenix area landmark.

Owners Bob Molinari and Brett Pont partnered together combining their years of experience, to bring the east valley an authentic butcher shoppe filled with mouth-watering selections of house-aged Prime steaks, the freshest chicken and pork lamb and premium fresh fish and seafood, as well as more exotic offerings including veal and wild boar. We are the experts in everything meat!

The butcher shoppe at The Blind Pig offers everything you’ve come to expect at the Phoenix location of Hobe Meats including plenty of holiday favorites, including prime rib, rib roast and beef tenderloin—all cut and prepped to order.

If you don’t see what you are looking for, no problem! The butchers at The Blind Pig can special order anything from alligator to zebra and everything in between.

Everyone at The Blind Pig is trained to know all there is about meats and can help you with everything from what cut of meat to use for a particular dish to how to prepare it.

Stop by to pick up some prime steaks and grab a cocktail while we prepare them for you! It’s a whole new way to shop!

The butcher shoppe at The Blind Pig offers:

  • Fresh, prime meats
  • Hard to find meats and fresh seafood
  • Special orders
  • Fresh raw dog food

Raw Pet Food

raw1-1012x1024Bring your dog with you to pick up some fresh raw pet food! Have a cat? No problem! The Blind Pig Pet Food is all natural and does not contain any antibiotics or growth hormones. Pet Food comes in 1lb. containers.

Raw food diets have been shown to help the body deal with many common ailments such as flea infestations, hot spots, continual shedding, poor dental and gum health, allergies, gastrointestinal problems, immune disorders and degenerative diseases. Diet is the foundation of health. The fresher the diet, the more nutrients are available for your pet’s system to utilize in building immunity, healing from illness and warding off disease.

Pet Foods Available:

  • Chicken $1.59 Each
  • Veggie Mix $1.79 Each
  • Turkey $1.99 Each
  • Beef $2.09 Each
  • Duck $3.99 Each
  • Lamb $3.99 Each

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