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by Lorna on The Blind Pig

I ate at THE BLIND PIG yesterday with a friend and had a great dining experience. We split everything so as to try more foods offered.

Shrimp tamale, Halibut entree, MAC & CHEESE. We are craving more and the only reason we are not going back today is because working hours won't allow. Prices unbelievably reasonable.

by Cheryl L on The Blind Pig
I love The Blind Pig!!!

My boyfriend and I stopped in for lunch about 2 weeks ago and it was OUTSTANDING! We sat on the patio and we ordered the wild mushroom quesadilla and the Torta Ahogada. They were both so tasty, the service was great and the drinks were delicious! I have been wanting to go back!!! Excellent little restaurant in Scottsdale!

by Jan D'Atri on The Blind Pig
OMG... That Steak!!

OMG! Momma calls me yesterday and went off on a half hour oratory about.....The Blind Pig Steak.
I thought she was going to cry. As a matter of fact, I think she did.
"Janny,, oh, Janny.....It has been years. YEARS! Since I've had a steak like this.
Oh, Honey, I cant believe it. I can't believe it! This is the meat I remember...
When your father was a butcher, steak was steak. And this is steak...
So tender......soooooooooooo delicious......"
Good Lord, she went on and on and ON! HAHA!!
So....I thought the best thing to do is to let her repeat her oratory on the air this Saturday.
I have to admit.....I agree with her 100%.
Even a vegan would eat a side of beef from The Blind Pig!
Thank you so much for delivering quality to Arizona!!!
Jan D'Atri

by MaryEllen Smith on The Blind Pig

"Had our first "Hobe burgers" (from Hobe ground beef) tonight. I haven't had beef this flavorful since I was a kid--so delicious. My husband said the folks at the Blind Pig location were extremely friendly, helpful and knowledgeable, and there was a large selection of meats at great prices. You've got two new customers for life!"

by Dan K on The Blind Pig

Happened upon this establishment while out and about in Scottsdale. The food and drinks were excellent. Try the chicken won't be disappointed. Sat at the bar, our bartender Izzy was attentive and personable without being overbearing. If you are in the area stop on in, you will be glad you did.

by Genelle A on The Blind Pig

A great bar, butcher, and Mexican restaurant all in one with great service and atmosphere.

by Lindsey F on The Blind Pig

I have issues. Why else would I be this excited about the arrival of The Blind Pig to Scottsdale? It's a butcher for goodness sake! Yet, I just can't stop thinking about it. I can't stop planning my next visit. It's just that cool and the meat is just that good!

First off, Scottsdale has desperately needed a local butcher shop for quite some time. In the past, I easily put 20+ miles on my car to drive to other butchers around the Valley and every time I did, I wondered when Scottsdale would get one. Now they have one! The Blind Pig is owned by the family who owns Uncle Sal's and the Side Door. The Blind Pig is their newest addition and it's a great one! The meat is fresh, preservative-free and delicious. They have everything from sausages and deli meat, to prime meat cuts and boneless pork chops. It's a meat-lover's paradise. If you're not sold yet, read this: it's also a full-service restaurant and a full-service bar which means that you can stop in for lunch or dinner, grab a cocktail and take some meat home on your way out. They also offer to-go beer and wine so you can grab a beverage or two for home!

The environment is very homey and Fido's are welcome! They have a spacious patio and welcome any dogs. I also learned that they sell fresh meat for dogs! This is a one-stop-shop for all products pertaining to meat and I also enjoyed their marinades. I purchase a boneless pork chop, burger meat and a sausage... all for under $11. The prices are pretty reasonable for the quality of meat. I also purchase the bacon infused marinade which was incredible! I marinaded the boneless pork chop in it and died and went to bacon-heaven with every bite.

by Chris C on The Blind Pig

Loved it. Excellent steak salad and taquitos were superior. Collaboration of Hobe Meats in partnership with Uncle Sals. Still finding their personality, but excellent chow and cocktails. We'll be back for sure!

by Mark D on The Blind Pig

It's opening night and I happened to stumble upon this restaurant. If I were a Scottsdale native, I'd be here regularly. I ordered some very fresh oysters on a half shell and the New York strip that was cooked to order did not disappoint! It was grilled to perfection. This was all topped only by the exceptional service from the wait staff. Izzy was very attentive and so were the two guys behind the meat counter. Wow!

by Scott on The Blind Pig

Everything these guys do is amazing AND value driven. We have been dining at Uncle Sal's for the last few years and have never once had a bad meal. The Blind Pig did not disappoint! We love the food and pick up fresh meats whenever we are there. GREAT addition to the neighborhood and the other two restaurants!

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